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Raven Speak is here!

Thank You so much for all your patience! It means so much to us that you are all 
a part of CastleRaven! It has been a while since our last update. Some of you 
have wondered why you have not heard from us more often, but with family, careers, 
and our love for creating and writing music, life seems to get filled up in many 
different ways. We have continued to record the album which is still in motion! 

Our music has taken on more of a modern Indie Hard Rock style, our lyrical 
compositions are created by exploring deep issues that we all have to face. We 
want to create and produce a distinctive music style that will invoke insight 
about ourselves and society. We also want to share our experiences with you in 
achieving CastleRaven’s first Full-Length Album! 

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You can join the Castle Raven realm on our website at CastleRaven.com/join.